Sabine acoustics, electrical, communication in one made cross-border innovation
Remarkable progress has been made in full frequency full space natural hearing technology

  • Audio 4A algorithm

    Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
    Automatic gain control (AGC)
    Adaptive noise cancellation (ANC)
    Adaptive beamforming (ABF)

  • Audio effect algorithm


  • Holographic sound field scheme

    Sabine ITD, binaural ambisonicHyridam technology, ILD is better than ambisonic
    Terminal rendering technology, adding environment modeling, and virtual sound source rendering technology enhanced sound localization
    Sound field rendering with 360 degree horizontal and elevation of 90 degrees

  • SWISS Bluetooth transmission technology

    Own SWISS Bluetooth protocol
    Bidirectional four channel high quality communication
    Low latency real-time recording


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